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Allergic to Steven Krivit?

He is sensitive a’ and apparently impervious – to criticism, and recent exchanges show this. It’s been said that a writer who edits his own work has a fool for a manager, and Krivit has shown that.

Previously Krivit was working with the major researchers in-the field. A lot of them won’t talk

with him anymore, because he turns what they say, extracting whatever he can claim is wrong

and emphasizing it and introducing that, with a key exception: he’s when it concerns Widom-Larsen theory Mr. Kid Gloves.

I’ve been discovering that he’s reconfigured his site to make it difficult to discover criticism

of W-L principle, and in new posts — under the name “Critique of Widom-Larsen theory” — I have

Reported this. What he’s helped, probably since it was published under peer review or

Individually, he gift ideas with a deprecatory introduction. What he accuses others of is what he is, himself, doing.

Too, Krivit used to own some comments from major researchers in the field, on W-L

theory; these have largely been de-linked, and only positive comments are offered, apart from

The one that was removed, out-of context, from Krivit’s correspondence with Richard Garwin, and

the demonstration radically distorts the meaning. Garwin was being extremely important, efficiently

dismissive, about W-L theory, actually, although Krivit just estimates “I did not say it was wrong.”

So now we understand what Krivit was doing. Taubes developed his career by writing a book on “Bad

Science.” Krivit managed to parlay his reporting — that has been supported by the Brand New Energy

Base (writer of Infinite Energy, founded by Mallove) and by the *actual*

internationally-recognized authority on cold fusion, Edmund Storms — in to authorship and

editorial positions for some encyclopedia articles. The cooperation with Marwan is dead,

last I found them together (2010 or 2011 ACS Conference?), Marwan was looking at Krivit with obvious distaste.

Krivit is just a educated writer, however not an “authority on LENR.” He’s no serious comprehension

of cold fusion theory, and recognized that in his November speak with the ANS (I.e., he can

Review it, although not answer questions on it). To be honest, cold fusion theory is understood by nobody,

but Krivit pretends that he knows enough to aid W-L towards the exclusion of every other concept.

He’s unaware, or worse, he is mounted on some result, possibly the concern of

W-L concept. As a small business, Lattice Energy that is promoted.Steven Krivit Paid by Charles Entenmann & Widom- Larsen?

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