Frequently Asked Questions

Please go through the Frequently Asked Questions below to learn more about our services and for any question you may have. Still, if you do not find answer to your question here please feel to contact us.

Q1. Why is inexpensive than most other Directory Submission services ? ►

A. has a clear geo-location advantage. Being located in India it can offer you excellent Directory Submit job outsourcing options at a very competetive rate without sacrificing the quality of the job. Cheap yet efficient – that’s what you can expect from Check our Manual Directory Submission rates.

Q2. How does submitting to directories influence my Google Page Rank and overall site traffic ? ►

A. Submitting your URL to numerous directories having some kind of page rank has become a widely used method to gain link popularity or backlinks for your web site. When your URL is posted on those directories wraped by suitable anchor text links, search engine spiders while crawling the directory sites can easily follow those links and eventually land up to your web site and index / crawl your web site as well. This is a proven phenomenae and it does happen this way. But you have to make sure that you have submited your links to reputed directories which are crawled by the spiders or robots regularly.

Q3.Why it is not advisable to submit to too many directories too quickly ? ►

A. Because it may just end up in disaster. If you think disaster is a very strong word, believe m, it lead to difficulties which may be just beyond your control and may well can jeopardise the whole process of making your web site go high up in the SERP or search engine result pages. Thanks to it’s constant efforts to fight click fraud and Google has implemented some complex algorithms to detect any possibility of click fraud before it actually happens. You cannot get listed to 500 directories in 2 days time – it’s insane, absurd. Unnatural. Geting indexed and gaining backlinks naturally is much preffered because it doesn’t trigger any search engine alarms. So I recommend that you start by placing an order to submit your URL to 100 quality directories and allow us do it in 4 days, 25 submissions per day. After you have submitted to 100 such directories, take a break. It’s time you try to acquire some inbound links from some different sourses. how about approaching someone in the neighbourhood. I mean send mails to a few relevant web sites’ webmasters and ask if they are interested in link exchange. Here you can also consider to post your links to some Social Bookmarking Sites and get some instant result. And then you return to the Directories and start resubmitting. What I am trying to say is plan a near full proof “link popularity” campaign and execute it. Do not try to anything blindfold. That’s my suggestion but if you think otherwise do as you wish after all, you are your own boss.

Q4.What is the perfect plan to adopt while submitting to directories ? ►

A. Better put it in this way – as perfect as it can get. In order to maintain a safe and effective Directory submitting campaign one should follow a few simple rules. One, do not submit your URL to too many directories too quickly. Do this in a phased manner. 50-100 directories at the rate of 20-25 directoriesin the first phase. Come back again after 7-14 days and repeat the process. And you should not depend only on Directory Submissions for your link building campaign. Consider direct link exchage programs with web sites of same nature or topic. Posting to Social Bookmarking sites is another option. Try writting articles and submit them to E-zines and article directories.

Q5.Which are the directories to consider while submitting ? ►

A. Directories having good page rankings with Google ( this also proves that they are actually indexed with search engines like Google). Also check that for how long they are in business. Check who has listings with them. Directories like DMOZ and Yahoo includes almost everybody around. Check wheather the topics are well catagorised. Does the directory offer enhanced listing plans or paid placements also ? these are the parameters to judge a Web Directory.

Q6.How do I know that you have actually submitted my web site URL and manually ? ►

A. Don’t worry. We will send you every details. Like an Excel spreadsheet describing when and where your web site URL is submited and what is it’s status. You can also check it in your mailbox because almost every directory will acknowledge the submission. And we at is providing with an unique service, which, i believe you will like very much. Randomly choose 5 submission data and let us know it. We will send you screenshots of those submissions. Should you wish to have the whole bunch you can get it against a little fee.

Q7.How do I know to which directories you have submitted my URL ? ►

A. Please refer to Q# 6. Check the directories list in our web site to know to which Directories we will submit your URL. After submitting you will mail you the details as explained above. You may also suggest some special directories of your preference.

Q8.Are posting to Social Bookmark Sites, Articles and Blogs alternatives to Directory submission ? ►

A. Not at all. They, in fact, complement each other. A combination of all of them in a planned and organized manner can do miracle to your SERP rankings.

Q9.What is the main objective of submiting your URL to various directories ? ►

A. To be very precise – to get indexed by the Search Engines naturally and quickly. And of course to get back-links. Submitting to only 50 good SEO friendly directories can get your site indexed within 7 days by Google.

Q10.How do you bill us for submitting URLs to directories ? ►

A. The Billing method is simple to understand. the service comes to you as blocks of 50 submissions. Buy 1 block you get 50 submissions, buy 2 and you get 50 X 2 = 100 submissions (and don’t forget the Bonus). So when you are taken to the PayPal page please choose in multiples of 50 submissions. Please note that PayPal is the only method you can pay with at this point of time.