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Presenting The All New SubmitAtOnce Web Site

SubmitatOnceWelcome to the “new” site. We have redesigned the site not only to give it a fresh, contemporary look but also to make it ready to host a bunch of new services that we plan to launch shortly. When redesigning a site, the biggest challenge is to make sure all the functionalities continue to work perfectly. We worked really hard to make sure that all the backend functionalities work desirably but there might be a few bugs that still exist. We will continue to work to fix the bugs but in case you come across any please report to us immediately. Talking about new services, we are planning to add the following services to our existing services –
  1. Web 2.0 Blog Creation
  2. Social Media Presence
  3. Video Creation and Submission
  4. Document Submission
  5. RSS Feed Submission
I hope that will help you get a lot of backlinks for your web sites. Here I would like to mention that whenever possible we always make sure that all your backlinks get indexed by the search engines by submitting them to various services. Building backlinks for your backlinks is important because if the pages that contain the links are not indexed by Google, Bing and other search engines then the entire effort is wasted. I invite you to try all our current and upcoming services for all of your sites. Remember in today’s SEO it’s very important to have a well-diversified backlink profile. Here I would also want to remind you that you should also vary your anchor text a lot in order to avoid the Google Panda, Penguin and similar SEO pitfalls. If not sure what I’m talking about please contact me and I’d be happy to explain it to you. At the moment we have the following services active –
  1. General Directory Submission
  2. Pre-Approved Directory Submission
  3. Article Submission
  4. Social Media and Bookmarking
  5. Press Release and Submission
For more details contact us any time. We would also love to get your feedback regarding the look and feel of our newly redesigned web site. Thank you.

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