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Press Release Submission – An Efficient Way to Gain Backlinks

A Press Release is essentially an announcement to the news media about your company or website and is being used effectively as marketing and traffic generation tool for quite some time now. The media, where you submit your press releases, publish them to literally thousands of editors, journalists and publishers. And this gives your website massive exposure. So, Press Release Submission cannot be ignored when you are looking to build links for your website. It is highly recommended that you take the advantage of Press Release Submission in addition to Manual Directory Submission.

If you have a small business, free advertising in the form of media interest generated from a press release is undoubtedly a powerful option. Now the question arises that what exactly the press release is?

A good press release can accomplish a lot of things at a time. It can be used to announce information to the public, your investors, the media, your customers and even your competitors about you and your activities. That does increase your visibility to a great extent.

If you write a well-written press release about something that is newsworthy, it can often generate serious traffic for your website. It will get syndicated to major news websites and publishers, giving your site lots of exposure and sometimes even branding. What it really does is it also give you loads of quality backlinks, just like articles you submit to article directories and ezines. News sites are regarded as authority sites by the search engines, so this backlinking effort does count.

The more backlinks you receive, the higher up the search engines your website will rank. There’s really nothing to lose except your time by submitting press releases. You also keep your site in the minds of people by constantly posting important press releases regarding your new product launch or any update, as a matter of fact.

How does a Press Release help in building link popularity?

Most of the free press release services are text-based which means you will not be able to insert HTML tags and so you can’t add any Anchor Texts or keyword optimized links into the press release. Forunately there are several Free Press Release Media Center websites who will allow you to attach the keywords for that press release. So, when that page is viewed by someone, including the search engine spiders, the keywords will be used to create links within your press release back to your website. This results in numerous one way links to your website. The link uses the anchor text of your choice and is within a natural context of the press release.

There are many places to submit your press release. It is best to submit your press release to as many press release sites as possible if you can, to give your website the maximum traffic boost! Remember, you’d want to keep you site visible at as many places, so that people will begin to see you as an authority and pay attention to your business.

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